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Launching a New Product or Service

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Many new products are launched into the marketplace with very little pre-planning for targeting the customers, creating a sales strategy, developing a distribution strategy, training the sales force, and integrating the competitive strategy. This mistake significantly reduces or eliminates any potential profit the product may have, and greatly increases the sales development time. These problems must be avoided if a company wants to survive in today's competitive marketplace.

Product Launch Experts

New product development and introduction is our specialty. Executive Marketing Plus has over 30+ years of experience launching new products in many different verticals.

Fresh Category Perspective

We work across a range of product categories and leverage insights from each to approach every brand launch with a fresh perspective not limited by industry norms.

Lifestyle Marketing Lens

We can leverage a lifestyle overlay to disrupt the category and connect with the target on an emotional level, fueling consumer engagement and adoption with a highly relevant and buzz-worthy brand experience. You provide the product, we create the features / advantages / benefits and most importantly match them to the buying decision levers of the target.

Launching With Impact

Our product launch marketing campaigns are structured to go out strong, creating a groundswell at launch and fueling sustained momentum.

The Ideal Marketing Mix

Don't spend more money than you have to ... but you should be prepared to spend money on your launch. We look across a range of marketing disciplines and tactics, from grassroots and experiential marketing to public relations and social media marketing to influencer marketing, to devise the most effective strategy for the brand.

One Unified Brand Position and Voice

We take a disciplined approach to working with internal and external partners so that one unified voice and positioning is presented to the consumer at every touch point. We know how to work with engineers, procurement, finance, sales, customer support and every functional area to get everyone on the same page BEFORE a product launch. We understand the time pressures and the need for flexibility to launch quickly with the best product, but you have only one chance to launch so let us do it right for you.

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Web Design

Dynamic-looking sites that assist in accelerating growth.
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Product Launches

Combining all of the marketing tools to position the new product for success
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Graphic Design

Improve your image, and attract your target audience with a creative identity.
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Internet Marketing

Drive your target audience to your new website.